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Term Limits:

Amanda has signed the Term Limits Pledge and will reintroduce then Congressman Ron DeSantis’ 2017 amendment to the Constitution to institute term limits. 

Addressing the Highest Inflation Rate in 39 Years:

Amanda believes that stopping runaway government spending and the printing of money for endless government bailouts and COVID relief is wrong, and has led to our rising interest rates. For Tampa Bay, we have been hit the hardest in the nation, as we face the highest year over year rise in the cost of food, fuel and housing. 

Control the Rising Healthcare Costs Facing Americans:

As a former healthcare advisor in Congress who worked to stop Obamacare, Amanda believes small business owners and individuals should make their own healthcare choices, not the federal government. Obamacare was marketed as a way to lower healthcare costs as its name, “Affordable Care Act” suggests, but it is nowhere near affordable for many Americans, and is yet another onerous federal government mandate.

Stopping COVID-19 Lockdowns and Mandates:

Amanda believes that federal agencies like the NIH should allow drugs like Ivermectin to be accessible and healthcare providers should not be reprimanded for prescribing these drugs to patients with COVID. Amanda believes there are remedies on the market right now for people who make the personal decision to not get vaccinated and that these remedies are safe and effective. In the case of prescription Ivermectin, the drug was first approved in 1981 and the scientist who created it won a Nobel peace prize in 2015 for curing river blindness with Ivermectin. Individuals should make the decision that is best for them. The government should never force people to be vaccinated or mandate vaccines.



President Biden and his Defense Department have proven to be an abject failure in their withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. We need a real leader, and for his inaction on  Afghanistan, President Biden should be impeached.


Stopping the  Spread of Socialism:

As the Democrats continue to pay people to sit at home and not work, small businesses are struggling to hire while the government continues to incentivize people to stay home and fear COVID.  See Amanda’s article that was published in the Washington Examiner, April 2021: HERE


Staunch Supporter of Second Amendment Rights (2A):

Amanda is a conceal and carry permit holder in the state of Florida and a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment. As her mother was a victim of a fatal home-invasion, Amanda believes that the government should never stand between you and your constitutional right to protect yourself and your family.


Two-Time March for Life Rally Speaker Amanda Makki Supports the Life of the Unborn:

Amanda was the only political speaker at the First Annual Tampa Bay March for Life rally and as a Baptist, is pro-life and fully supports the Hyde Amendment to keep taxpayer funds from paying for abortion services. Amanda also spoke at the 2022 Tampa Bay March for Life Rally as the keynote political speaker. 


A Champion for Election Integrity:

As an election attorney for the last six election cycles, Amanda was also a Trump volunteer attorney in Wisconsin in November during the recount where she fought for mail-in ballots that were missing required witness attestation or signatures to not be counted in the recount. See Amanda’s live update video from Wisconsin:

Amanda Has Fought to Secure our Southern Border:

Amanda is the only Congressional candidate in this race to have visited the southern border during President Biden's administration and met and interviewed law enforcement, while touring the 3 miles left for completion of the border wall. As you can see in Amanda's video, all the materials are bought and paid-for,  and are sitting right there, but can’t be put up because Biden refuses to allow Trump's policies to go into effect. See Amanda’s border visit video:


A Conservative Voice Protecting our Children from Critical Race Theory:

Amanda believes that Critical Race Theory is racist, that it pits American against American, and agrees with Governor DeSantis who has banned its teaching in our schools. See Amanda’s article that was published in the Washington Times, April 2021:

6 Point Plan for Reforming Public Education:

  • Ban teacher unions

  • Abolish the bloated $95 Billion Department of Education that continues to fail children and injects woke/race based teachings into school curriculums like Critical Race Theory

  • Abolish tenure

  • Make all teacher pay raises merit-based

  • Eliminate 1/3 of all administrator/bureaucrat education jobs and re-direct funds to top 25% of teachers

  • Grow funding for vouchers and charter schools

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