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Colonel Bill Hammack USMC (Ret.)

“I know Amanda Makki and I’ve experienced the deep respect she has for veterans 

first-hand. I have witnessed in her those rare qualities of leadership that will not only represent her constituents but foster her to positions of leadership in our Republic.” 

Major General David Scott (FMR) U.S. Air Force

“Amanda has the drive, experience, and energy to make an immediate impact in 
Congress. There is no better candidate to represent conservatives in the Tampa Bay region.” 

Major General Randall L. West USMC (Ret.)

“Amanda Makki is the fighter we need in Washington to protect our conservative 
values. She has the qualities I look for in a leader and a sense of duty I can 
respect. Amanda Makki has earned my endorsement through her hard work and dedication 
to our veterans, our military members, and our great country.” 

Former U.S. Army General Counsel Steven Morello

“Amanda Makki is an outstanding candidate for the U.S. Congress. Amanda was appointed to work with me during one of the most crucial times in American history. Please join me in supporting Amanda Makki today, so that we can win back The House of Representatives and keep Nancy Pelosi from pushing the divisive and harmful Critical Race Theory on our brave men and women of the military.” 

Amanda Makki with Col. Hammack.jpeg

Amanda Makki with Colonel Bill Hammack USMC (Ret.)

Amanda Makki with General West at Bay Pines 5-30-22.jpg

Amanda Makki with Major General Randall L. West USMC (Ret.)

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Amanda Makki with Navy SEAL and Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

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